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Coquettes Dance Team
Senior, Marine Science

"As an out-of-state student, the Carolina Band gave me a close-knit family and community on such a large campus. It made me feel like I always had people I could ask for help when I needed it. I was able to meet upperclassmen Marine Science students in the band that helped provide guidance for me as I navigated college. The Carolina Band gave me an opportunity to continue doing what I love along side people who are passionate and supportive. "


Alto Saxophone Section
Sophomore, Pre-Med, Honors College

The community and family you find in the Carolina Band is second to none. I never would have made it through hard times without the army of people who support me in the band, and I truly felt like I had a home before I arrived to campus. As a member of the Honors College as well, I feel like the Carolina Band gave me that big SEC family feel within the small Honors Caucus at UofSC. There is a ton of work and dedication required for the Carolina Band, but the people you meet and the support system you develop is 100% worth it.


Former Trombone Section Member
Senior Staff for the Carolina Band
Senior, Music Education

As someone who is from outside South Carolina, UofSC became my home away from home because of the Carolina Band! Anyone interested in a college marching band should join the Carolina Band program and become familiar with the other musical opportunities the university and band program offers! There are many people that represent the Carolina Band with spirit, integrity, kindness, and support to others within the band as well as the University and Columbia community! My favorite thing about our band program is how the community is so supportive of our efforts, and are a major highlight to halftime at football games!


Colorguard Section
Former Gateway Program Member
Senior, Hospitality Management

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